How does it work?2018-06-29T05:03:39+00:00

After you sign up for our service, a dedicated social media expert will work with you to develop a customized audience targeting plan to ensure that your profile is attracting the right type and quality of followers. Next, we will run your profile in our automated-private system to engage with your desired audience. As soon as we start, you will notice an increase in likes and followers from REAL people!

Will I still be able to use my profile?2018-06-29T05:04:37+00:00

Absolutely! You will have full access to your profile while using Social Gecko. You can continue to comment, post photos and videos, follow people and send DMs. We just ask that you refrain from liking any photos as it interferes with our process.

How many followers will I get?2018-06-29T05:04:48+00:00

While the number of followers will greatly depend on the quality of your content and niche, most of our customers gain between 500-5,000 REAL followers each month. Assuming you have engaging content you should have no problem hitting those numbers consecutively.

Is it safe to use your system?2018-06-29T05:05:01+00:00

Definitely. Our system is 100% secure and encrypted. We have a team of social media experts that monitor your account activity and progress to ensure everything is running safely and smoothly at all times.

Will I lose my followers if I cancel?2018-06-29T05:05:20+00:00

Absolutely not! The followers you get are 100% REAL and will continue to follow you.

Can I order your services for just 1 month?2018-06-29T05:05:46+00:00

Absolutely! Although we doubt you will only want one month, we would be happy to have you on board for however long you would like. You just need to make sure to cancel your services with us before your next billing date by notifying us at info@socialgecko.co!

How can I cancel?2018-06-29T05:06:08+00:00

Simple. Just email us at info@socialgecko.co requesting a cancellation before your next billing period and we will be happy to fulfill your request.

Why do you need my Instagram password?2018-06-29T05:06:19+00:00

We access your account to engage with people we have identified to be in your target audience. You may be asked to verify your account before we can gain access. There’s nothing to worry about – this happens because we are accessing your account from a different location and Instagram just wants to make sure that you have authorized the login.